BlueStacks Dr. Panda Trucks

BluestacksDr. Panda Trucks is a game for the Android users in which you have to master the Machines by building your own constructions and blast them on your own construction site. This game will provide you with seven giant vehicles where you have to drive and control these vehicles in order to progress. You will find a dump truck to deliver the materials to you and you have to start building your own big yellow crane vehicle at the starting of the game and then as you step forward you have to blast it into the pieces with your tank and then you need to repeat the process again. This game is based on the concept of experiment and build. It requires a really creative mind in order to complete the challenges and graphics and animations that you will find with this game is quite impressive and the background music is also very good along with these features. The navigation controls are very small so that the user will get the best User experience during gaming. It is also very minimal in size so every user can enjoy this game. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.44

BluestacksEver since android was introduced to us, BlueStacks has been the primary app player for all users. This Andorid app emulator for PC was created by an American Company in 2009 by Indian-blooded Tech entraprenuers Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf and Rosedn Sharma. And ever since its introduction Bluestacks has been a huge success Worldwide getting tied up with investors like Samsung, QualComm, AMD, Intel and many more. In the beginning
BlueStacks was only used to play android based games on it and had quite a few bugs for other non game based applications. But as time passed BlueStacks removed all of its bugs and became a stable source of android experience for people who didn’t want a android based smartphone or who wanted to experience android onto their Computers. Continue reading

BlueStacks Family Locator

BluestacksFamily Locator is an awesome application that will provide you with the facility of tracking each and every moment of the phone of your loved ones. It is basically and tracker application which will help you track your family members based on the GPS location on their device by using their devices. This application has the most accurate result by using its advanced algorithm. It can have to awesome technologies of internet mapping and robust GPS tracking which will make it very easy to track the location of anyone. This application was specifically designed for the user who wants to use this app as a family safety tool for their family so that the children’s and friends will always be secure in the parent can know where their child can go. You can also have the feature of enhancing security within this app. The steps also the most trusted app so you don’t have to worry about any of your private information leaks and no one can get your location to accept your family members. It will be very helpful for parents who have small kids they will know when the kid will leave their school and all the live location update of their children’s. Continue reading

BlueStacks Grab Taxi

BluestacksGrab Taxi is the best application that you can use on your Android device and provide you with the quick taxi services. This application also helps you in order to enjoy food delivery services. It is basically designed in order to grab your taxi whenever you want it quickly. It has a good user interface and which you will find the contact detail of different taxi drivers and you can contact them and order your taxi from any place. It uses all type of payment gateways to accept the payment. You can use your debit or credit card in order to do any type of payment. This application will provide you with the most convenient booking service for private car and tax. It has the largest community available on the internet to provide you with the best service. You have the feature to just grab any taxi service which will show you all the taxes in your area. All the cars and taxi available at this application. It will be very affordable in term of prices here you will find all category of Taxi like cheap, medium and expensive and you can select them on the basis of their needs. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.40

BluestacksBlueStacks had been launched in 2011 by an American technological company that has widened the boundaries across mobile gaming platforms. This app is being currently used by around 210 million users for playing mobile games in his/her Macs and PCs. BlueStacks is a wonderful integration combining traditional advertising and digital channels for publicizing and one of a kind that has not been done before by any other podium. As per reports and statistics, it is one of the fastest gaming platform delivering extensive options for users to explore and dive into the world of gaming.

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BlueStacks High School Book Store Cashier – Kids Game

BluestacksHigh School Book Store Cashier – Kids Game is one of the best educational game for kids where they will learn many of their educational things. This game can be played on any Android smartphone which has the Android operating system 4.2 and above. It is listed in educational category within the Google app store. This game is the best for the students in order to learn some concepts of their studying. It uses smooth gaming controls along with very nice and heart soothing background music that will make you active during the game play. The animations and graphics of the game is quite well designed by the developer. It is also very minimal in size so that you don’t have any type of issues whenever you play the game within your Android devices. In This game you play the role of cashier within the book store and you have to collect the cash from your customers. Continue reading


BluestacksFOURSQUARE is the best application for Android device which will provide you with the service of search and discovery. This mobile application will help you to search for the recommended places on the basis of your location. This application was created in 2008 by Dennis Crowley. The interface of this application is straightforward and easy to navigate and in this application, you will find the personalized recommendation of the places that you can visit if you want. It works by using the GPS location and if you are going to a new place then this will be the best application as it will show you each and every type of place and full information about your location. This application has the feature of inbuilt GPS which will help the app to get your exact location in order to provide the accurate results. It will also have a social networking feature by which the users can share the location with your friend and they can also fix their meetings through the use of this app. So if you want to do a local search for any place then this application will be your best made in order to do that. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.39

BluestacksBlueStacks is a smartphone emulator that allows users to connect with all the functionality via PC. It is an application that helps Android games and apps to run fast on Windows. BlueStacks connects with websites devoted to share applications for the Android platform. By having this application users can easily access different apps on their virtual device in just a few moment using the native app store linked to BlueStacks or downloading Apk files.

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BlueStacks Piano Tiles

BluestacksPiano Tiles is the game for your smart devices which you can enjoy on your Android device and iOS device and Windows phone. In this game, you have to type on those tiles which you can see within the game in order to score. The objective of the game is to tap on the black tiles as the appears from upward of the screen and you have to stay away from the White tiles otherwise your scores will be deducted when you tap on each tile. The sound of the new tune of a piano which will make this game more interesting. The points this game contains six different modes including classic mode, Arcade mode, Zen mode, Rush mode and other which you can enjoy according to your preferences. This game has very smooth and stunning graphics and animation effect and also provide you interesting background music which will entertain you while you playing the game. It can be played by any user who wants to enjoy song tunes of the piano and this game provides overall nice giving experience to the users so if you want to enjoy this game just give it a try and enjoy the piano tiles. Continue reading

BlueStacks Starbucks

BluestacksStarbucks is one of the most popular applications for the Android users which will let you pay in any of your favourites is a store with a more convenient way. It will help you to place any type of order and make your payment method very easy. You will also get cashback and rewards when you use this app while making your online payment your reward will collect in form of a star and you can then enjoy drinks and food with every purchase by using these stars that you have recorded within this app. It saves both of your time and also provides you with awesome rewards which will be very helpful for you in order to enjoy foods for free. This application provides you with a customizable interface that you can change based on your choices. You can easily place an order and pick up from a nearby store without standing in the long line of the malls. You can also have the facility to order anything that you want with this app and with each of your order, you will get rewards that you can redeem later to get a gift from this app. Continue reading