Bluestacks PLANK!

BluestacksPLANK! is the most addictive game that you ever thought of in your life. You can enjoy it on your Android smartphone and other OS based devices. It is most popular due to its highly addictive nature and it will deliver you a lot of fun it is the best way to test your reflexes and decision-making skills. In this game, you have to run and planking your way to the track and as you plank higher and higher your score will be increased and you are becoming more and more powerful. The controls of this game are awesome and it has very smooth navigation so that you can easily navigate the game with more efficiency. Its interface is also very good and it will give you the real thrill of planking on the challenging track. You just need to tap and hold to place your planking and it will work fine and to make it too short or very long you need to adjust your plank according to that. You have the opportunity to create high scores which challenge other players to beat your challenge. In this way, you will become the king of the game. It also provides you with many new levels which you can unlock by creating high scores. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.12

BluestacksBlueStacks is an American virtualization and mobile software company that runs cloud based cross-platform products such as the BlueStacks App Player, which enables Android applications to run on Microsoft Windows and macOS computers and laptops. It was founded by Rosen Sharma, who serves as the CEO and President of the company, Jay
Vaishnav, who is the SVP of Products, and Suman Saraf, who serves as the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of the company, on AprilĀ 25, 2009. Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Redpoint, Citrix, Radar Partners, Ignition Partners and many more, are some of the companies that are BlueStacks Investors.

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BlueStacks Westland Survival

BluestacksWestland Survival is a world famous cowboy themed game in which you have to survive and defeat your opponent in the Wild West. The main theme of this game is living a western lifestyle of a cowboy so you need to collect weapons build your shelter and defeat your enemies to prove your worth in the gameplay. In this game, you will explore the life of a ranger and become the hero by fighting with robbers and defeat them. You can also set traps to grab your enemies by using your intelligence. You will have different category of weapons such as pistols, rifles, snipers and many others that you can upgrade with your progress in the game. This game also has other modes such as animal hunting in which you have to hunt deer, rabbit, lion and other animals and you can also create your shelter by wood logging. This game will give you the complete tools to craft new equipment and items that you need to use in order to survive in the game. This game also has smooth navigation controls that will very helpful for a regular player. You can also ride a horse and other animals in the fantastic game. Continue reading

BlueStacks TEKKEN

BluestacksTEKKEN is the world’s best one on one combat based fighting game. In this game, you have a collection of fighters from which you need to select your favourite one and each of them has their own special moves and combos. You need to select one of them and play in Arcade mode of the game to move your story forward and as you proceed with more players will be unlocked. Every time whenever you defeat the main Boss which usually comes in 10th level a new player can Be unlocked. This game has various special combos which you need to use to win the fight. This game also supports many other gaming modes such as survival mode, multiplayer mode, Team Battle mode, pool ball mod and many more. Each mode of this game has its own difficulty level you need to show your best fighting skills to defeat your enemy. This game was firstly introduced in 1994 and it can still hold its popularity among and many other combat games of modern days. It was also very popular across its users because it is the first fighting game that uses 3D animation within it. The main story of the game is you need to fight a tournament known as Iron Fist and the host of this tournament was Mishima Zaibatsu. Continue reading

BlueStacks WeChat

BluestacksAre you looking for an awesome messaging application? Do you want to make your chats more interesting? If you are then WeChat is the best application to fulfil all of your needs. It is an amazing messaging app which allows you to chat with your friends with text messaging, voice calls and video calls. This app is mainly designed for its simplicity and it is simple enough that anyone can use it very easily. It is the full package for all of your communication needs. You can also make your conversation more interesting by sharing photos and games. WeChat gives you the ability to create your own group of friends and chat with them at once. It allows group chats of 500 people and group video call of 9 peoples. All of your voice and video calls are completely free so you don’t have to worry about losing your pocket. It secures all of your communication via this application by using a strong encryption method. it allows you to send and create your custom emojis to your friends and family that will make your relationship deeper. This application also provides you with many other interesting features such as moments, friends radar, Shake to meet, real-time location and many more. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.11

BluestacksBlueStacks is the fastest growing mobile gaming platform. Basically, BlueStacks is an android emulator that allows users to play games on personal computers. The software allows users to transfer applications and other things from their mobile devices to laptops and computers. Thereafter, users can runĀ the applications so transferred on their system. BlueStacks is an American based technology company that produces BlueStacks App players and other cloud based cross platform products.

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BlueStacks TikTok

BluestacksTikTok is one of the most trending video sharing application on which you will create or watch short videos which will entertain you and make you happy. It is the best platform for short length mobile videos where you will find a large collection of awesome videos you can enjoy them via this application. This application also gives you the opportunity to create your own funny videos by capturing your rare moments and become the next TikTok superstar. It also has a variety of special effects and filters which you can apply to your videos to make them more interesting. You also can use stickers to make awesome videos and share them with the world. It constantly processes your activities such as what type of videos you watch, like and share and then gives you a personalized recommendation based on this browsing data. It is the best application to change your mood and make you enjoy every little moment of your life. In some recent days, it also becomes the best platform to share your incredible talent with the whole world. The most interesting feature of this app is live streaming this will make it a full package loaded with a lot of fun. Continue reading

BlueStacks Star Warships

BluestacksStar Warships is a space simulation style game which is mostly played by spaceship lover Gamers. In this game, you have to fly a spaceship in the space in travel through wormholes and jump cuts and you will end up in other galaxies to expand your reach. The main theme of the game is trading and you need to transport the resources between different galaxies so that you can use them later in your war and defeat your enemies. This game has very smooth and easy to use control so even a child can easily understand and play this game with more efficiency. This game occupies less storage space of your device so you don’t have to worry about your device performance. All the animation and graphics of the game are completely polished and will give you a better playing experience. It also gives you the thrill of a space travelling by realistic 3D sounds used in the gameplay of this starship Boss Android game. You can also play this game with external joysticks or sensor and it also gives you the ability 2 mutual combat player. Overall this game is full of adventure and thrill in which you have to explore the long distance based galaxies. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.9

BluestacksBlueStacks is an American technology private company based in California, U.S., and Campbell. BlueStacks produces BlueStacks app player and other cloud-based platform products. The App player is designed to run Android applications on personal computers and MacOs devices. The software serves worldwide and is knows for its App Player and Game Pop.

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BlueStacks Last Day on Earth

BluestacksLast Day on Earth is one of the best survival game in which you have to survive the Zombie apocalypse. It is one of the best post-apocalyptic game which you can play to save humanity from an unknown zombie virus. You need to survive from the bloodthirsty zombies. You always need to be fully aware of available resources in order to survive you need to craft your weapons and transport mediums so that you can travel a land on which you can live. This survival game helps you to create your strategies to make your shelter and defence it from here some zombies. You need to kill them before they kill you this is the concept on which you need to focus while playing the game. You have to set up traps to smash the intruders in your area and you can also roast them with your powers. The animation effects and graphics of this survival game is very nice and of high quality, so it can enhance your gaming experience. The most difficult part of the game is when you have to face crowded groups of zombies you can only kill them with highly advanced weapons otherwise you will lose your life and lose the game also. Continue reading