BlueStacks Retrica

BluestacksRetrica is the most amazing tool for your Android Smartphones for taking awesome selfies. It is a camera application that will help you to enhance your photos by providing you different options. You will find a beautiful set of camera filters of different categories within this app that you can apply in real time while clicking your images so it will save a lot of your time to edit your photo later. This app provides all the necessary tools to create awesome photos and videos and it gives will also have the feature of collage maker which will provide the different template to create an easy collage of your photos. You can send private messages to your friend by using this application. It can also allow you to share these images on your social media platform to engage the interactivity of your audience. This application is the perfect app for creating awesome looking videos with a lot of filter option. The user interface of this app is clearly designed and provide the best experience to the new users. It does not have any type of errors or bugs so your images will be completely safe. Continue reading

BlueStacks Reddit

BluestacksReddit is the application for the Android platform which provides you latest and trending social news and funny videos. It is based on the world famous web service of Reddit that provide the content rating for various websites in order to use this app. You first have to register within the community which has more than 1 million active members. It is the best place to dig deeper into topics and learn about any particular topic that you want. It is like a forum where you can easily answer any question that you know or otherwise you can also ask questions. Here every user can easily post their answers and opinion. If your post gets more shares and what it will be shown at the top of this app. It is based on contributions and shares concept where you can contribute your learnings with others lot of user upload their photos means and stories within this app. It also has the best community for chatting with new peoples in order to discuss a topic. This application is fully free and you don’t have to pay anything to start chatting with new peoples. It can be easily used on all of the Android devices that help Android operating system of 4.2 and above. If you want you can also get its premium subscription which will enable much more features like invite to chat option with a report flowchart and many others. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.58

BluestacksBlueStacks is an app which can let you download different kind of apps on your android device. If you want to download android app, you can use this app and download it on your PC for free of cost. To know more, let us read it ahead- Continue reading

BlueStacks PRISMA

BluestacksPRISMA is an amazing photo editor application that will be very useful for creating your digital arts. This app can be easily used by the users of both platform Android and iOS. It will help you to easily create amazing photo effects within your photos. It is the best application for digital artist who want to have all of their editing tools within a single app. It also use the artificial intelligence with the advanced feature of neural networks to enable the user to make their photo appeared like they were created by Picasso which is a very popular digital painting software in the market. It can create a high quality of images with a lot of in-depth detailings that can be unmatched by any other App of its kind. You will get all the necessary tools within this application for making your images more awesome. It provide you more than 300 filters that you can apply with just a single touch. It also give you the option to save your photos within the SD cards so that your device’s storage will be managed efficiently. It also has a fast support of sharing your images within any of the social media platform that you want. Continue reading

BlueStacks Kids A-Z

BluestacksKids A-Z is the best learning portal for the kids and students where they will learn all kind of material of their study. It is a kid-friendly application that you can easily use on your Android devices. It offers the best user interface for the kids and it has different character and animations to teach them the necessary learning skills. It can cover different subjects like science, math, English and many other fields of their study. You have the option to create your robot avatars within your mobile devices by using this app. It will provide you with the Direct Access 2000 exercise and other resources to prepare and learn new things. You also get fine quizzes and automation tools to help you to schedule your time table. It offers detailed reports of your scores in these quizzes that your teacher can check to ensure that you are learning in the best proper way. You can easily and fully customise the personalized robot Avatar within the game and you can also and different record as you will progress in your journey of learning. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.56

BluestacksBad gaming experiences can get to your head and irritate the most out of you. Do you want to make your gaming experience more fun and have the best of the game that you are playing? Bluestacks, popularly known as the Play Blogger; should be down your list of wanted/needed software. BlueStacks claims to deliver faster gaming experience; compared to the regular gaming devices. It also gives you information about the different games based on your interests. It has various strategies, which would keep your brain racking.

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BlueStacks Left vs Right: Brain Training

BluestacksLeft vs Right: Brain Training is one of the best application to train your brain. This applies in the educational category of apps which is specially designed to test the functionalities of your brain like awareness, reflexes, reasoning and patients. This app contains a series of test and games in which you can test your brain and get the score for your brain functioning. It also has interesting modes like a versus, colour blind mode that you can easily activate by using the settings menu of the app. This application offers a free trial of a week then you had to purchase a subscription in order to enjoy it to the fullest. It will make it very easy for you to improve your reasoning and Precision skills by playing these games. Your overall coordination between your left and right brain will be improved a lot by using this app. These games are created to help you to increase the overall efficiency of your brain and make your mind more clear. These games are divided into six different categories and you can choose them according to your needs. It provides many other features as well for improving your memory power. Continue reading

BlueStacks Memrise Pro

BluestacksMemrise Pro is one of the best apps from the category of super learning which will provide the best technique to memorize your learnings and improve your memory. It will help you to unlock your learning superpowers by providing the best features. It contains super smart learning Technology that will provide you with the feature like chatbots and speaker videos from which you will get a lot of tips to improve your overall learning experience. You can easily learn any type of language skill with the power of this app. It contains more than 200 different courses created by highly expert authors to teach you the basic linguistics of any languages. It will provide you with the feature of live chat through which you can easily chat and get a question to your favourite instructor. It offers a subscription fee to enjoy its additional features. It is the best tool that will give you the facility of statics so that you can measure your improved performance with this app. It also provides you with the tools like Flashcards so that you can easily rewind your learning at a specific time interval to remember them forever. The interface of this app is very smooth and provide you with a good experience of learning. It is available in more than 20 languages by using this app including Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and many others so enjoy your learning with the app. Continue reading

Download BlueStacks v4.32.53

BluestacksAre you looking to download BlueStacks on your PC? If you are searching for this guide, you have landed on the right place as here, we are sharing the downloading guide of download BlueStacks on your PC easily. How? And what are the features of it? For knowing it, you need to first of all click and read the features followed by the download guide. Let us see- Continue reading

BlueStacks My M1

BluestacksBlueStacks My M1 is the perfect application for enjoying all of the M1 services on your Android platform. It can be easily used on your smartphones and tablet and you do not have to enter the OTP manually each time through the use of this app. It will easily allow you to manage your M1 services with more efficiency. You can easily access account information by using this app and manage any of your favourite services effortlessly. This will be the best offering of this app. It can also provide you with the facility to track your data and SMS usage. It shows a detailed report along with charts and diagrams to represent the data usage so that you can easily get the idea about your data talk time and SMS usage. It will also help you to monitor your subscription services on your Android device. You can easily pay your bills and view them by the use of this application and it will also enable you to track your bills of the last year so that you can get a better idea about the expenses. Along with all of this basic functionality, it also offers you different reward that you can easily redeem at your Android device to earn points. Continue reading